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Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

Peyton Williams Manning (born March 24, 1976) is an American...

  • Matt Schaub

    Matthew Rutledge Schaub (born June 25, 1981 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)...

  • Peyton Manning

    Peyton Williams Manning (born March 24, 1976) is an American...

  • David Garrard

    David Douglas Garrard (born February 14, 1978 in East Orange,...

  • Drew Brees

    Andrew Christopher "Drew" Brees (born January 15, 1979) is the...

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    Matthew Thomas "Matt" Ryan (born May 17, 1985 in Exton,...

  • Brett Favre

    Brett Lorenzo Favre (born October 10, 1969) is an American...

  • Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Charles Rodgers (born December 2, 1983 in Chico, California,...

  • Matt Stafford

    John Matthew Stafford (born February 7, 1988 in Tampa, Florida)...

  • Jay Cutler

    Jay Christopher Cutler (born April 29, 1983) is a quarterback...

  • Ben Roethlisberger

    Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger (born March 2, 1982), nicknamed Big Ben,...

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    Daniel "Colt" McCoy (born September 5, 1986 in Hobbs, New...

  • Carson Palmer

    Carson Hilton Palmer (born December 27, 1979) is an American...

  • Joe Flacco

    Joseph Vincent Flacco (born January 16, 1985 in Audubon, New...

  • Matt Hasselbeck

    Matthew Michael Hasselbeck (born September 25, 1975, in Boulder, Colorado)...

  • Sam Bradford

    Samuel Jacob Bradford (born November 8, 1987) is an American...

  • Tim Tebow

    Timothy Richard Tebow (born August 14, 1987) is a Heisman...

  • Philip Rivers

    Philip M. Rivers (born December 8, 1981, in Decatur, Alabama)...

  • Matt Cassel

    Matthew Brennan Cassel (born May 17, 1982, Northridge, California) is...

  • Tony Romo

    Antonio Ramiro Romo (born April 21, 1980) is a professional...

  • Eli Manning

    Eli Nelson Manning (born January 3, 1981) is an American...

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    Kevin Benjamin Kolb (born August 24, 1984, in Victoria, Texas)...

  • Donovan McNabb

    Donovan Jamal McNabb (born November 25, 1976) is an American...

  • Mark Sanchez

    Mark Sanchez (born November 11, 1986 in Long Beach, California)...

  • Tom Brady

    Thomas Edward Brady, Jr. (born August 3, 1977) is an...

  • Chad Henne

    Chad Steven Henne (born July 2, 1985) is the starting...

Shawn Merriman to hold out?!?!?


Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman told The San Diego Union-Tribune on Thursday that he won’t report for the start of training camp until he receives some sort of security from team management.

Merriman claimed his holdout isn’t about a desire for a long-term contract or an increase from the one-year, $3.269 million tender the Chargers have offered and the linebacker hasn’t signed.

“It’s not about me wanting more money,” Merriman said. “I will show what I deserve. I don’t have to ask for it. I feel like I’ve proved what I’m worth, and I will still prove it. To me, it really comes down to, ‘Am I on the trading block this week? The third week of the season, am I on the block?’ Where is that comfortability for me?

“I’m only coming back to be the guy on the defense. I’m not coming back to be a guy. I want to be on a team where someone is going to be building a defense around me.”

The Chargers’ first full-squad workout is scheduled for Friday, and Merriman doesn’t intend to be there. Neither do wide receiver Vincent Jackson and offensive tackle Marcus McNeil, who, like Merriman, have yet to sign their restricted free-agent tenders.

“This is literally day to day how things progress, how things move,” Merriman said. “I don’t want this to be a distraction to my teammates. I don’t want this to be a distraction to me. I just want to get something resolved soon and go from there. The bottom line is when I get back on the field I plan on doing what I do best, and that is playing.”

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Domonique Foxworth tears ACL: done for season…


Baltimore Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth has a torn ACL and will miss the 2010 season, NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reports, citing a source with knowledge of the situation.

Foxworth, 27, was not on the practice field Friday morning, according to the team’s official site.

The six-year veteran limped off the field Thursday during an orientation practice.

Amazingly awful final Jeopardy: Super Bowl Edition…

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Tim Tebow gets paid!


Tim Tebow’s training-camp debut was delayed by dollars — a lot of dollars.

“He definitely thrives on it. He’s a competitor,” Geer said. “Watching him out here in all the workouts, he’s always coming in first place.”

The rookie quarterback and the Denver Broncos agreed on a five-year, $33 million contract with $8.7 million guaranteed Thursday, a source told NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi. The Broncos announced the deal with the 25th overall draft pick, but they didn’t disclose the terms.

The major sticking point in negotiations, NFL Network’s Scott Hanson reported, was the total guaranteed money. Tebow’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, made it clear that he wanted more guaranteed money than Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, the 24th overall pick, received in his deal last week, but there were conflicting numbers on that amount. In the end, a source told Hanson that Tebow’s $8.7 million in guaranteed money is more than Bryant’s reported $8.3 million.

According to Hanson, Tebow arrived at the Broncos’ Dove Valley complex Thursday afternoon to sign his contract, take his physical, meet with coaches and possibly perform his conditioning test. He will hit the practice field Friday morning, having missed three practices before coming to terms.

During his brief absence, Tebow received a phone call from Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, “encouraging” the rookie to report, which was interpreted as an appeal to the quarterback’s character — pressuring him not to miss any practice. A source told Hanson that Tebow and McDaniels joked about that phone call when the rookie arrived at the team’s facility to sign his deal.

Tebow’s deal leaves top pick Demaryius Thomas, a wide receiver out of Georgia Tech, as the only member of Denver’s 2010 draft class without a contract. Thomas was selected three spots before Tebow.

The Broncos are using four practices this week to give rookies, selected veterans and players who are coming off injuries a head-start on the playbook and practice plans — and also get the jitters out before camp starts in earnest after the rest of the veterans report this weekend. Camp officially starts Sunday with the first full-squad, full-pads session.

“It’s just an opportunity to feel better about playing faster,” McDaniels said before Tebow’s deal was announced. “And I think whether you’re a rookie quarterback or an injured player, it makes sense to come in and try to start crawling before you walk and walking before you run — because certainly none of them are going to hit the ground running because they’re behind.

“Every day is a great opportunity.”

The Broncos’ starting quarterback remains Kyle Orton, who threw for 3,800 yards last season but faltered down the stretch when he was banged up and the team kept its offense conservative. The Broncos were unwilling to commit to a long-term relationship this offseason, so Orton signed a $2.621 million tender as a restricted free agent and didn’t miss any of the team’s offseason program.

But Orton did receive some better competition for his job as the Broncos jettisoned Chris Simms and Tom Brandstater and brought in Brady Quinn in a trade with the Cleveland Browns and Tebow via the draft.

Tebow might not be ready to make a big impact as a rookie because he faces a big adjustment as he morphs from combination college quarterback to prototypical pro passer. Still, many consider him the best college player ever, and he’s creating the kind of buzz in the Rockies that John Elway did back in 1983.

Tebow’s jersey already is a best-seller, he’s pitching products for Jockey, EA Sports and Nike. And he’s sure to be under a microscope from the second he steps on the practice field.

Tebow’s teammates aren’t concerned that he’ll crater under all the attention.

“As successful as he’s been, I’m sure he can handle it,” said guard Russ Hochstein, a 10-year NFL veteran.

Rookie tight end Riar Geer said the one thing he has learned in the four months he has known him is that Tebow prospers under pressure.

Redskin’s won’t let Haynesworth practice because he is a fat mess…


Slimmed-down defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was deemed unfit to practice with the Washington Redskins on Thursday, even though the players were wearing shorts, contact was sparse and the whole workout lasted just 70 minutes.

According to NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora, Haynesworth originally was told that he needed to do two sets of shuttle runs in the allotted time to be cleared for practice. However, that wasn’t how the conditioning test went down at Redskins Park.

Haynesworth completed the first set in plenty of time, and then, as has been the case with the way the Redskins have conducted the test, he received a several-minute break. Haynesworth went inside to use the bathroom, according to the source, and when he returned to the field, he was told he took too long and therefore had to start over.

Haynesworth also finished the next set of shuttles (his second) in ample time, but he couldn’t complete the third and final set, and thus was told he failed the test and couldn’t practice, La Canfora reported.

“I just want to be done with all this, so I can get out there and play football,” Haynesworth told NFL Network’s Lindsay Soto.

Haynesworth’s only appearance came after the practice was over, when he spent about 20 minutes walking through some plays with two assistant coaches. Looking perhaps 30 pounds leaner than he did a year ago, Haynesworth hovered around large upside-down trash bins — representing offensive linemen — as he learned the new defense’s terminology.

According to La Canfora, Haynesworth told teammates that he couldn’t have completed three shuttles in that time frame even during his All-Pro season, and several Redskins sources pointed out the irony that the defensive tackle is in markedly better shape than he was this time last year.

“The conditioning test, I don’t even think a lot of us guys that were even here 100 percent could have passed that thing,” Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. “But that’s what conditioning tests are, that’s what they’re supposed to be, they’re supposed to be some of them unattainable. Some we’ve had in the past were definitely unattainable.”

When told he had failed the test, Haynesworth was “first-class all the way” in accepting the news, according to Redskins coach Mike Shanahan. The coach indicated no harsh words were exchanged.

Shanahan maintained that Haynesworth wasn’t set up to fail. The coach said all the other Redskins linemen essentially passed the test by participating in offseason workouts.

“It’s a very fair test,” Shanahan said. “But more importantly, it keeps a guy from getting hurt. I don’t want to put a guy out there that’s not ready to go, and all of a sudden there’s a setback for two weeks.”

Shanahan’s reasoning carried less weight on a day when practice wasn’t particularly demanding and when wide receiver Malcolm Kelly was allowed to practice on a wet field despite nursing a sore hamstring.

Shanahan said Haynesworth will take the test once a day until he passes. If Haynesworth fails, he’ll have to spend extra time on the treadmill — as he did Thursday — and will continue to be absent from practice.

Several players took this to be Shanahan sending a message to Haynesworth for skipping all the team’s offseason work, and their relationship remains icy, La Canfora reported. Shanahan and Haynesworth have yet to see eye-to-eye on much since the coach came on board this year and began implementing a 3-4 base defense.

“The bottom line,” Shanahan said, “is we’re going to get him in shape.”

Conditioning tests — which typically involve two series of timed back-and-forth sprints — are routine among NFL teams before the start of training camp, although failure to pass hasn’t necessarily excluded a player from participation. The Redskins had three players fail the test in 2008, but all three participated as usual in training-camp practices.

This year, Haynesworth was the only Washington player required to take the test. Everyone else on the team attended a certain percentage of offseason workouts required by Shanahan.

Haynesworth spent the offseason pursuing his own workout regimen, and his representatives have maintained that he was in excellent shape. Shanahan said Haynesworth “looked like he was in good shape” during their meeting Wednesday, but the coach would only say “we’ll see” when asked if he expects the unhappy player to be part of the team in 2010.

The Haynesworth saga has overshadowed a Redskins team that’s trying to start a new chapter with Shanahan and new quarterback Donovan McNabb. Players have tried to ignore the distraction, but several of them called Haynesworth “selfish” when he skipped the mandatory minicamp last month.

Haynesworth wants the freedom that helped make him a dominant player for many years with the Tennessee Titans and doesn’t want to play nose tackle in a 3-4 defense. The Redskins have said he should give the defense a chance.

Haynesworth signed a seven-year, $100-million free-agent deal a year ago, but his first season with Washington led to questions about his focus and commitment.

Shanahan was ready to let Haynesworth go early this year and let him sign with another team, but the lineman didn’t want to give up the $21 million bonus that he collected April 1 and is part of his contract. Shanahan said once the bonus was paid, Haynesworth had essentially committed himself to playing for the Redskins.

Notes: CB Carlos Rogers signed his $1.54 million restricted free-agent tender and participated in practice Thursday. He waited until the last possible moment because he was unhappy not to receive a long-term contract. … OT Mike Williams, who’s being treated for blood clots, was placed on the reserved non-football illness list. … No. 4 overall draft pick Trent Williams is officially a holdout, missing the first day of camp while contract negotiations continue. “I’d be surprised if he’s not in here quickly,” Shanahan said of the offensive tackle.

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