Women prefer Eli Manning over Tom Brady…Really!?!?

Per NY Daily News:

And it’s Manning for the score!

A poll of married women with cheating hearts said they’d prefer to have an affair with Eli Manning, the NY Giant quarterback, than with Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, according to

In fact, 54% of married women polled said that they’d rather have a dalliance with Manning because of his to his “boy next door” good looks, according to the adultery-promoting company.

Philandering females said they thought Manning would be “less of a hothead” than Brady and easier to relate to.

Manning is married to Abby McGrew, his college sweetheart from his days at University of Mississippi.

Only 46% percent of the women polled said they’d prefer to rendezvous with Brady, who is married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Not surprisingly, the votes came down to home field advantage: 86% of New York women stood by their quarterback, while 97% percent of Boston females chose Brady.

The NFC champ had some some support from Indianapolis — his brother Peyton is a quarterback for the Colts. Seventy percent of homewreckers from Indiana said they’d prefer to get close to his brother Eli.

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