No possibility Tim “Tommy Turbo” Tebow is a virgin!!!!

Per OMG:

Tim Tebow will play no part in the Super Bowl but his visit to Indianapolis ahead of Sunday’s big game has certainly been eventful.

Tebow enjoyed the festivities at the EA Sports Madden Bowl at the Bud Light Hotel in downtown, pairing with Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints to win the annual video games competition.

But it was during a conversation with two attractive female servers behind the scenes where the Denver Broncos superstar showed his real sense of humor. Tebow told the ladies, who were taking a break from serving the crowd of around 1,000 guests, that his real name was “Tommy Turbo.”

“He told us he was called Tommy Turbo, not Tebow,” said a waitress named Deborah, 26. “He said it was because he was a really good chess player and played really fast. He was pretty funny and we had a good time talking to him. I know he is famous but he was really friendly and a lot of fun.”

“I actually didn’t know who he was,” said her friend and colleague, Carlina, 25. “He kept saying his name was Turbo and I was like ‘what?’ I don’t know a lot about football.”

Tebow’s popularity has shown no sign of waning following his remarkable series of comeback victories during the regular season and he was mobbed by well-wishers immediately after his arrival in Indianapolis on Thursday morning.

His partnership with Brees and Graham in the Madden NFL 12 event was one of the highlights of his evening and even came with the kind of dramatic fourth quarter comeback that he has become renowned for. “It was great playing with those guys and to get the win,” Tebow told omg! “I am competitive in everything I do and I had a blast.”

Tebow’s Broncos came unstuck against the New England Patriots in both the regular season and the AFC divisional playoff game and the 24-year-old predicted that Tom Brady and his teammates would emerge victorious on Sunday.

“It is going to be a good game on Sunday,” he said. “But for me it is hard to go against Tom Brady.”

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