Terrell Owens announces his return to football!

Per PFT:

After Vernon Davis took a page out of the T.O. history book on Saturday against the Saints, we looked into the status of Owens’ IFL deliberations, and we reported that a decision is coming with the next week or so.

It has arrived.

Owens have announced, via a video apparently shot in his house (not to be confused with a press conference in his driveway), that he’s joining the Allen Wranglers of the IFL.

“Uh oh!  It’s official!  It just went down!  I’m headed back to Texas!  That’s right.  IFL, here I come.  Allen, Texas, here I come,” Owens said in a video linked from a Twitter message that says, “The WAIT IS OVER!!  GETCHA POPCORN READY!!”

Owens reportedly will receive compensation in the range of $250,00 to $500,000 from a team whose General Manager, former Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson, has criticized Owens in the past.

The Wranglers begin their season in late February.  Owens tore an ACL during the 2011 offseason, which made him even less attractive as an aging option with a reputation for creating trouble in the locker room.

Owens is sixth on the all-time receiving list, second in receiving yardage with 15,934, and tied for second in touchdowns with Randy Moss at 153.

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