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Tebow finally starts, but Broncos still fall to Raiders…

Per Bleacher Report:

As the rain came down in Oakland, the paradox of opinion that reaches into the spectrum range on Tim Tebow remained the same Technicolor spin on the Denver Broncos second first round pick from the 2010 NFL draft.

So what is your take on Tim Tebow?

Like a mirror on the wall, what is it that you see?

Just remember some see what they want to see, especially when puffed up in vanity.  So what is the most beautiful part of this whole discussion on Tim Tebow?

The mirror always lies.

These days it seems everybody has one thought or another, it’s just that they all run the spectrum of colors and personal takes from good to bad.  In the end they can’t all ring true.  So when it comes to opinions and takes it’s almost like watching the old school weather guys trying to figure out the Colorado forecast days in advance.

The fact is there are elements of good and bad in the way Tim Tebow plays the quarterback position at the NFL level.  It seems to leave fans, coaches, writers and analysts alike with more questions than answers regarding his overall ability.

Early on in Oakland the Raiders fans gave their opinions in a loud unified chant that burst the air waves with “Tebow Bust!  Tebow Bust!  Tebow Bust!”

The Raiders scored their first touchdown on the day with a reverse that looked well defended initially, 70 plus yards later it looked like the first blowout Oakland put on Denver back in October 59-14.  The Raiders lead 7-0 and Tim Tebow clearly showed his nervous tension on the first two Broncos drives that failed immediately with two three and outs.

The chants seemed to get louder from the Raiders fans with “Tebow Bust!  Tebow Bust!  Tebow Bust!” on third and forever to go, it just didn’t look good.  To match the sentiment, Tim Tebow later admitted it was a busted play, it was supposed to be a draw to Correll Buckhalter.  Instead Tim Tebow took the busted play/quarterback lead draw 40 yards up the gut to paydirt.

It abruptly put an end to the “Tebow Bust!  Tebow Bust!  Tebow Bust!” chants and put The Blackhole in shock, awe, and silence.

Remember, the mirror always lies.

Later in the quarter, Tim Tebow threw an arching pass and found a miracle catch by Brandon Lloyd to the back right corner of the end zone. By then the Broncos were establishing themselves at 14-7, eventually going into half tied at 17. However, they eventually found a way to implode by the game’s end.  The Broncos looked horrible on defense in the second half as they allowed the Raiders to establish their game plan and shred the Broncos.  The Raiders compiled 20 first downs, 502 total yards, with a powerful 264 yards on the ground.  And yet that still wasn’t strong enough to be the story of the game.

Simply put, Tim Tebow charged and infused energy back into the Denver Broncos squad that desperately could have used the spark given the recent history of coach Josh McDaniels termination and last weeks blowout loss at Arizona.  It was the first ever loss to the Cardinals franchise by the Broncos who have reached new all-time lows this season.

Denver also had their all-time worst loss to the Raiders back in October, as previously mentioned. And now with the loss on Sunday to the tune of 39-23, the Denver Broncos have officially lost 11 games, an all-time low for the franchise.  The Broncos have also been swept by the Oakland Raiders and may still be swept by the San Diego Chargers this season.  So it’s still possible for the Broncos to go 3-13 this season, a far cry from 13-3 records from era’s gone bye.

Even with the best start by a Broncos rookie quarterback since the team started, it wasn’t enough to get his team the win.  Remember, the mirror can trick the mind into thinking there’s more there than there actually is.

You see it clearly—the mirror always lies.

So, Raider Nation still has hope for the playoffs, but it’s about like saying Josh McDaniels will be the next coach of the Denver Broncos.  In other words, it’s not going to happen.  Again the mirror lies.

The Oakland Raiders they were eliminated from the Wild Card chase on Sunday. Their only hope for the playoffs now rest in their own hands as well as hopes of the Chiefs and Chargers losing their two remaining games.  Basically, it was the Raiders’ last hurrah as being a bully on the season because the odds are firmly against them making the playoffs.

Still, Raiders fans gladly took the win, as they should, because there are going to be changes in Dove Valley and the likelihood of the Raiders pitching back to back big wins in the future is slim with a stronger Broncos organization on the horizon.

As for Tim Tebow, the spectrum rings true even through the apparent lies.  His statistics were not stellar, yet he did not kill his team nearly as much as the play calling from the coaching staff did.  Tebow finished the day 8/16 for 138 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions through the air.  On the ground he gained 78 yards on eight carries and a 40 yard touchdown.

Tim has horrible footwork in the pocket right now that is not disciplined in the least.  He shows great leadership and determination.  His throwing motion is still slow and lumbering.  He showed nerves and did not run plays correctly at times.  Still he shows good touch, good accuracy, and decent zip from time to time.

However, the million dollar question is simple and direct.  Is he ready and entirely equipped as an NFL QB, the answer is absolute and resounding “No.”  As he showed on Sunday, he can turn a horrible situation like third and 24 into a 40 yard touchdown run.  Still, there is much ground to cover to find out what direction he goes.

Looking at the local and national football media, the opinions are strong and range in a vast array.  How it all plays out remains to be seen, but it will probably reach the spectrum as we’ve already seen.  Regardless of how strong your opinions are on Tim Tebow one way or the other, just keep a clear head; keep the door cracked on your take enough for you to remember and surrender to this.

The mirror always lies.

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