Michael Vick’s fiance Kijafa Frink is not as hot as you’d think…


Philadelphia Eagles QB Mike Vick took his fiancee Kijafa Frink on a nice little vacation to Puerto Rico a few weeks back… The couple did a little fishing and got a chance to swim with the dolphins…Maybe he could of waited until the season officially ended to go fishing?

27 Responses to “Michael Vick’s fiance Kijafa Frink is not as hot as you’d think…”

  1. thomas says:

    If she is with this piece of trash, she has to be a skank.

    • Ana says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Thomas. I live in Philly and have been protesting that psychopath’s return to the NFL since the day he got here.

      • Damon says:


        • DancesWithWords says:

          Actually, Damon, he only “paid his debt” for some minor “interstate commerce” infraction. Until he’s had his body smashed repeatedly into a concrete floor, been hung, drowned, had car-battery electrodes attached to his body and then been thrown into a swimming pool, and been ripped to shreds by a blood-frenzied dog (all activities of which Vick approves and enjoys, according to his own testimony), he will not have “paid his debt” to society or to the dogs he tortured and murdered.

          • Debra says:

            Thank you….there are a lot of us that feel the same way. He was only ‘sorry’ because he got caught.

          • happy says:

            Hell yeah Danceswithwords - you tell him, well said….

          • RJ says:

            Agree, but I don’t think Damon might understand that not all of dog-loving people are with PETA. And I personally don’t think Damon and others like him want to know the real truth about Vick Da Dick. They believe what they want to believe so that can be OK with themselves for looking up to an animal abuser. It’s all about Football to them. They didn’t read ALL the details of his crimes against those dogs, or at least they didn’t want to know and still don’t, until he does it again, and he will. He is a psychopath and can’t help himself.

        • happy says:

          Why don’t you shut your dick dumpster assbag )

        • Anonymous says:

          Really Damon? He did little to “society” compared to what he did to the defenseless animals. Is your head up in that dark place? Do you know what he did? Danceswithwords summed it up for you. He will never be able to pay his debt while on this earth. He will begin paying his debt upon his death. Then justice will be served by his creator.

        • Aine O'Brocken says:

          Ahhhhh…nothing like a comment full of wisdom and unbiased objectivity, with clearly-stated reasons for disliking the rest of us!

  2. patricia says:

    you’re absolutely right thomas. trash attracts trash.

  3. Anonymous says:

    maybe he was fishing for a new girlfriend.

    • Lea says:

      I think she is beautiful! You guys are working way too hard on hating Vick. You’re giving him more attention than he would have ever gotten, so are you perpetuating the suffering of those dogs by focusing more on Vick and nothing on saving pit bulls and getting governmento make strcter laws against dog fighting?

      • Julie says:

        Actually that’s not true at all. We are most definitively pushing for laws, and MANY of those VICKtims have been rescued and put into GOOD homes. Do some fucking research before opening your mouth, you ignorant bitch.

        • Redia says:

          OMG show some class… that language is totally uncalled for. Being a rescuer, foster, adopted, and a lover of dogs, she spoke with more knowledge than you did.

  4. pit bull lover mike vick hater says:

    hope she does not want to bring a puppy home…….

  5. pit bull lover mike vick hater says:

    honey you need to get rid of the back fat before you put on a string bikini

  6. Piti owner says:

    I could care less what the heck these two POS were doing. “Men” who abuse animals also abuse women and children. So why is she still with him? She thinks his behavior is ok? Giving herpes to hundres of women (probably her too) on purpose is okay? Not paying his restitution is okay? Violating parole is okay? Too bad they didn’t fall off the boat and drown

  7. Dog rescuer says:

    Yes, the back fat is not exactly lovely and it surprises me Vick would date a woman that is less than perfect. I agree with Piti owner….he has done so much wrong and paid so little…..but his day will come.

  8. Kelly Patrick says:

    I dont think she looks bad at all.

    As far as all the other comments go about Vick deserving more punishment for the torture he inflicted on many dogs… I’m okay with the criticism. Lets just not pretend the girl is ugly because we dislike Mike.

  9. Michelle says:

    I wonder if he is going to slam her into the ground if she doesn’t loose the fat. Any woman that would be with a dog murderer is disgusting. She wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t famous and didn’t have money even with her non existent waistline.

  10. Terry C - NJ says:

    It’s no surprise that Vick’s supporters and apologists are foul mouthed, illiterate know-nothings.

    Hey, Damon — I wasn’t aware that it was only “liberals” who cared about animals……you clueless twit!

    By the way, Vick’s baby mama looks as though she climbed off the bottom of a gang bang. Why is she named after a brand of wine?

  11. FalconFan says:

    If I didn’t know anything about her, I would think although a little skanky, she’s cute. But knowing that she lived with him while he was still hanging, beating to death, drowning, fighting, torturing,starving dogs for his fun and she had to know what he was doing, kind of bares her soul which in turn lets one see how ugly she and he both actually are. I used to think he was handsome, but now, can’t look at that face without my blood pressure going up, disgust, and the feeling that I am looking upon the face of a true Satanic soul when I look at him. She knows all that, but obviously doesn’t care. She’s got a sugar daddy for her baby’s daddy, and she’s taking advantage of it while she has it. There was a woman shopping naked pictures of him a few months ago that he sent her on her phone. Haven’t heard anymore about it, but pretty sure Finka probably heard about it. Ron Mexico probably paid her off, but still, pretty sure Finka knows about it. She doesn’t care, she’s like a maggot, there till the last $ is spent. I agree, they deserve each other.

  12. Kimberly says:

    Wish I still lived in Philly so I could protest in front of her store on South Street, PNK Elephant. Started with Vick’s blood money……

  13. PIT RESCUE INC says:

    I’m overwhelmed with all the ‘spirited’ comments. Feel the love!

  14. Lanie says:

    Any skank that would bed down with this dog killing, STD carrying, piece of Sh*t is a nasty piece of trash. Birds of a feather baby, birds of a feather….

    P.S. Damon you’re a freaking idiot…

  15. Vedo says:

    All u dumb sounding white mother fucker. Shut the fuck up

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