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So Rob Gronkowski banged pornstar Bibi Jones and tweeted about it…

Porn star Bibi Jones has become a household name over the past few days after tweeting a picture of herself with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. She has since been linked to hockey player Paul Bissonnette and baseball slugger Dan Uggla, according to Deadspin.

Now, in an interview with Business Insider, she says an agent who represents MLB players used her to lure potential clients.

“It wasn’t even expected for me to hook up with these guys,” she said. “It was just like I was arm candy for him. I was the one that wanted to hook up with these guys.”

She says she slept with “over 10″ players in 2010, a few of whom she believes ended up signing with the agent.

It’s clear that she’s looking for a quick boost in popularity to help further her career, if that’s what porn is considered nowadays, and has no problem throwing other people under the bus to make it happen. Not to mention her comments make her sound conceited.

Athletes should now be well aware of her tactics and need to avoid her at all costs.

Hooking up with her will surely lead to a myriad of personal problems, especially now that the paparazzi will be following her everywhere in an attempt to catch an unsuspecting athlete.

The entire situation illustrates what can happen to somebody who enjoys the spotlight a little too much. Uggla and Bissonnette will both be questioned continuously about their involvement with the porn star, and Gronkowski has already gotten more attention from it than he could have wanted.

As the old saying goes, loose lips sink ships. Jones clearly can’t keep her mouth shut and, if her 15 minutes of fame don’t expire soon, she’ll likely expose other athletes too. The Deadspin report says she admits to being with several married athletes, and don’t think the rumormongers aren’t spending all day and night trying to discover those names.

After the Tiger Woods incident, athletes should understand secrets don’t stay that way for long when somebody craves attention.

Jones needs to be avoided by anybody with a reputation to uphold, even if the meeting is purely casual, because being linked with her isn’t going to be good news.

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