Ofcourse Eric Decker is engaged to hot country singer Jessie James!

No one is more relieved that the Broncos erased a 24-point deficit and came back to beat the Chargers on Monday night than Eric Decker. With Denver trailing 10-0 in the second quarter, Decker caught a pass from Peyton Manning and had as clear a path to the end zone as you will ever see. However, his feet got in the way and he tumbled to the ground.

Or maybe it wasn’t his feet. Decker made a pretty funny joke about it after the game last night, but his girlfriend Jessie James took it to an entirely new level. When a Twitter user wondered if having too much sex with James had resulted in weak legs for Decker, she came up with the following clever response:

Is this guy living the life or what? Being an NFL receiver must be great as is, let alone having an incredibly hot girlfriend and enjoying the privilege of catching passes from a Hall of Fame quarterback. And if all that wasn’t enough, said hot girlfriend is now bragging about his man parts to 150,000-plus Twitter followers. Guy is owning life right now.

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