NFL preseason; Week 4 preview

NFL preseason; Week 4 preview


Week 4 of the NFL preseason is on a short week this week, as all the games will be played on Wednesday or Thursday. This will give teams time to rest before their opening games to the regular season, and the coaches enough time to look at guys one more time. NFL coaches have to trim their rosters down from 75, to the regular season maximum of 53 by the end of the week, so if anyone needs these games, it’s the 32 coaching staffs.

There are still some interesting match ups this week, and some teams like the N.Y. Giants have very challenging NFL odds attached to them. Some teams with new head coaches and rookie quarterbacks will still be needing this game for analysis, so Wednesday’s game between the Bucs and Skins will be important. The Thursday game between Denver and Arizona will also be important, because I don’t think Arizona’s coaching staff has made their mind up on who will start Week 1.

Week 4 of the preseason is only 10 days away from opening weekend in the regular season, so teams probably will be sitting most of their main guys. As I stated above, this game is more important for coaches and the guys on the roster bubble. Don’t think this will be a walkthrough week, either. Guys will be playing like this is their last game, because for some of the guys on NFL rosters right now, it might be their last game.

Don’t expect to see anything spectacular, but for some of these guys, this game might mean a career in the NFL, or an invitation to try something different.

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