Joe Montana says the Rudy movie didn’t happen that way…

montana Joe Montana says the Rudy movie didnt happen that way...

Per Dan Patrick Show:

Hall of Famer Joe Montana joined the show to talk about a number of football topics, including his days at Notre Dame playing with Rudy.

Here’s what Montana had to say about the movieĀ Rudy: “It’s a movie remember. Not all that’s true. The crowd wasn’t chanting, nobody threw in their jerseys. He did get in the game. He got carried off the game.

“Back then they tried to get everyone in to play in the last home game. So the schedule was kind of set that way. So he got in and he did get a sack and then the guys just carried him off kind of playing around. I won’t say it was a joke, just playing around. But he worked his butt off to get where he was and to do the things he did.:

Montana also said he thinks it’s great that Brett Favre returned. He said he always advises players to stay out there as long as they can. “If you’re physically able to go, play as long as you can. If you quit … you never have a chance to go back again,” Montana said.

Montana said it was hard for him to leave, because his mind was still ready to go, even though his body wasn’t. “Had I figured out Brett’s attack, I may still be playing,” Montana said.

3 Responses to “Joe Montana says the Rudy movie didn’t happen that way…”

  1. Ben says:

    I was a student at Notre Dame when Joe was a student. He was the
    biggest jerk in the world. I also knew Rudy. He was unbelievably nice.
    Let me know when Joe finally learns some humility.

  2. Kurt says:

    Rudy is a great movie to watch while masturbating

  3. rudy says:

    I see,so you’re kurt the jurk off guy huh? What a stupid comment dude,some people are unbelievable!

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